Built in 1975 and opened in 1976, Queensway Shopping Centre is one of several Singapore’s first multi-purpose shopping complexes. It is a commercial property with its primary use as a mall to shop, rent, and sale. It has four levels and a storey basement car park. Amazingly, the Centre has a 13-storey apartment tower. The Centre comprises of 150 shops, even though its design is to house over 200 shops, an exhibition hall, a big emporium, a coffee house, and a night club.

Queensway Shopping Centre is close to Queenstown MRT (EW19) and Redhill MRT (EW18) stations which are between 0.82 km to 1.7 km far.

The eateries available at nearby buildings are Fast Food Restaurants, ABC Brickworks Food Centre, and Alexandra Hawker Centre at Anchorpoint. Queensway Shopping Centre is close to Cold Storage Supermarket, IKEA Alexandra, Depot Heights Shopping Centre, and Anchorpoint Shopping Centre for grocery, retail shopping, and banks. Lots of local food that can tempt your taste buds are sold at the Centre.

International School Singapore High School (Grades 9 -12), American College (Head Office), and Global Indian International School Singapore- Queenstown Campus are nearest schools to the Shopping Centre.

Queensway Shopping Centre derived its other name, “Singapore’s Sports Mall” from the Centre’s purpose. It was opened to provide shopping and recreational options for residents in Brickworks Bukit Merah and Queenstown. Therefore, the mall is famous for sporting items since its opening till date. It offers a wide range of sports gear, apparel, bags, and items at affordable prices. Although there are printing shops and tailors on the top floor, Queensway Shopping Centre is famous for the sporting items. For long, it has become a one-stop centre for sportspersons in Singapore.

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