4 types of job training for employees


The best type of training happens at the workplace. If, as an employer, you are committed to ensure that there are growth and development among your employees, then you have to make sure that on the job training is effective. Employees will appreciate and stay motivated when they find that you are always striving to add value to what they already have.  The following are the best ways to make the training bear fruits.



It is always a win-win scenario for both the employee and the employer when mentorship is done. It is one of the best ways in which employee development is achieved. The employee will get to learn several skills and at the same time gain wisdom which cannot be taught in any class. A mentor can always be a boss or any other experienced employee within the organisation.


Book club at workplace

Organise a movement where employees are active in a book club. It provides a platform where they will have to read a particular book together and discuss their highlights. Convert the seminar room, for example, into a discussion place or a venue where the members of the book club do meet. This is a great way of developing their all-around skills.



This is a very powerful way of conducting on the job training. It is an opportunity that forces the employee to get out of his or her comfort zone and stretch to meet their fullest potential. The employee has to ensure that all tasks and responsibilities of his care have to be done. However, it is important that the promotion is accompanied by coaching and mentoring.


Lateral move/transfer

Let the employee be exposed to the other fields that he or she is not used to. There will be many challenges that the employee face and at the end of the day be a learning experience. It teaches the employees on how to be flexible always.

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