A Guide To Hiring A Face Painter For Your Child’s Birthday

The art of face painting is an awesome way to ensure that the kids enjoy the birthday party to the fullest.  Seeing those beautiful smiles and happy expressions light up the faces of children is a great joy for parents too. Your child is showered with attention after being transformed into his or her favourite character, making it one of the most magical experiences that he or she can enjoy. That is the kind of impact you should seek to out when planning your child’s birthday party. To achieve this, you will need to hire the best face painter for the job.  If you are still thinking how to go about your search; here are five handy tips to help you identify the ideal face painter for your party.

Research On Face Painting in General

Even before you start to look for an expert, it is best to have some general ideas about face painting in Singapore. This will help you identify the right talent fairly quickly. You can do a google search of face painting images based on the theme of your party for a start. Have a rough idea on the kind of designs you are looking for before you proceed to search for a skilful face painter.

Search for Face Painters Online

Searching through the Internet is the easiest and quickest way to locate a face painter that works in your vicinity. You will be able to find their contacts and learn a few things about each of them. Most face painters would explain what is unique about their style and showcase pictures of their previous face painting works. You might want to be wary of face painters who use stock images, clip arts or google photos on their websites. Most professional painters take pride in their artistic creations and would never use random images to represent their works. If you are hiring a face painter in Singapore, you may want to look out for face painting done on Singaporean children as it represents the true quality of work of a local face painter.

Compare Quotes

Most professional face painters in Singapore price themselves in the range of $150 to $200 per hour. There is no way you can compare quotes without having an estimated budget. You can think about how much you are willing to spend on each child to come up with your face paint budget. If you have invited 10 children with a $20 budget per child, you then have your limit of $200 to hire your ideal face painter. Even so, do not compromise on quality. Trying to save a couple tens of dollars when you are already spending more than a hundred bucks may not be justified if you end up hiring someone fails to answer their phone promptly or worst still, cancels on you at the last moment. Hiring reputable companies that specialise in face painting might be a safer bet than hiring a low cost freelancer. These companies often hire a full time team to deliver prompt customer service and have a bigger pool of painters in case your original painter falls ill. Find a way to balance affordability and quality, and you will be in good stead to hiring the best face painter for your party.

Narrow Down to Your Best Fit

Apart from customer service & quality of the face painting itself, you should also seek to narrow down to the talent with the right personality. Especially for children birthday parties, finding a face painter with a likeable personality is very important. You should read the testimonials on social media from previous clients to gauge the likability of your face painter. You should also ask about the speed in which the face painter can achieve for the kind of designs that you are looking for. More is not necessarily good. If a face painter promises to paint 20 full animal faces in 1 hour, you can expect the quality of service to be questionable. Seek an honest and realistic answer. Then review if the required face painting duration fits your budget. If you have a mega birthday party with more than 30 children, you can opt to hire more than one face painter. This brings us to another benefit of working with companies rather than freelancers. You can book multiple face painters one-stop, saving you the hassle of having to manage multiple bookings with different freelancers.

Have a List of Your Requirements

Before booking, you will need to be specific about your needs and requirements. Ask about the lead time to book, fees for your desired party date, time, venue and any other hidden charges that you may not be aware of. For instance, Goods & Services Tax (GST) may apply to some companies in Singapore. Only agree to work with a face painter who understands your preferences and one whom you are able to communicate with effectively.

Proceed to Book

If the face painter is available on the day of the birthday party, provide them with specific directions to your party venue. For instance, providing your face painter the exact function room number or lift lobby in your condo can avoid costly delays on the actual day. Discuss with your face painter about the plan if the number of kids who show up at the party is more than expected. You should also ask about extension charges on the actual day should your guests arrive late or ask for more elaborate face paint designs than you had originally budgeted for. Know the preferred method of payment and what is the procedure for cancelling or postponing the booking should the need arise.

Don’t forget to share your enthusiasm about your party as the person attending to your request is still human after all! Be sincere in your request and have your excitement rub off who ever you plan to hire. Instead of asking for a bigger discount, try motivating your face painter in the right ways and watch it do wonders in making your party an exceptional one. With the right face painter in Singapore, your children will have the best birthday party ever!

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