Upgrade The Dull Bedside Table With These Simple Tips

This piece of furniture in Singapore is not very easy to find, and you might need to get a little creative. So, what could you use to create a suspended bedside table? The solution is actually quite simple. You can go to an outdoors store, and buy a kids’ swing. Prefer a high quality model, with a wooden platform and heavy rope suspensions. Here, the look of the swing wimp be more important as the bedside table is unlikely to carry a lot of weight.

Once you are back home, screw the top of the ropes to the ceiling, and there you have your new, unique bedside table! It is preferable for the platform to touch the wall for increased stability.

Vintage bedside tables

Sometimes, we really need or want to replace our bedside tables, but we just do not have the budget for it. If this is the case, vintage might be the way to go. The first option here is to browse flea markets and places where you can find second hand furniture in Singapore. There, you are likely to find a vintage piece for a bargain.

Alternatively, go for a hunt in your own house, or ask your relatives if they are looking to get rid of some small pieces of furniture. Old wooden side tables, barrels, and even wine wooden crates can make up great bedside tables. Do not hesitate to personalise your new piece of furniture by painting it, for example. Get creative!

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