Upgrade The Dull Bedside Table With These Simple Tips

The living room is full of different surfaces to be styled well, be it coffee tables, entertainment units, bookshelf, and what not. However, we will discuss here bedside tables, one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture. Along with placing remotes and cups, a side table can also be used to add appeal to your living room. Here is how to do it:

Layering – The first thing you want to do is to add a layer to decorate your side tables. Add a short layer and tall layer to make it look fuller.

Add a lamp – Add a large statement lamp on the side table, which can serve as both art piece and lighting equipment.

Flowers – Add the homely feel to your bedside table with beautiful blooms. They add scent, color and change to your décor.

Large pieces – If you are looking for trinkets, it’s time to go for large pieces like coral. Give some stunning texture to your surface.

Houseplants – Add freshness to the air with lush green houseplants above your rugs, which are a treat to your eyes. Add a houseplant to the side table for a soothing change.

Charging station – Since you usually keep your iPads and phones on the side table, it is best to give them a cute and ideal resting place for charging.

Candles – They are vivid, smell nice, and come in different scents. Therefore, you can easily add them to every part of your living room.

Family photos – Walls are not the only place to place all your family pictures. In addition, you can keep your family pictures in a cute frame and display just beside the couch.

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